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Big Game Hunting on Vancouver Island
Our exclusive Vancouver Island hunting/guiding concession is world renowned for its huge, blocky Black Bears (now called Coastal Black Bears) and majestic Roosevelt Elk. Guided bear hunting trips and elk hunting trips are by far our most requested big game hunts. Other species available for hunting include Cougar (Mountain Lion), Blacktail Deer and Coastal Wolf. more »»»

Black Bear

Generally, all our bears make the SCI record book. The average square is between 6 1/2' and 7 1/2' with 19" to to 21" skulls. Simply put, there are no other locations that have a higher Black Bear population or greater consistency in size and age of bears harvested. more»

Roosevelt Elk

Vancouver Island is well-known as the premier destination for trophy Roosevelt Elk. It consistently produces Boone & Crockett bulls and is arguably the only location in North America with a pure gene pool of Roosevelt Elk. more»


The guide area is located along the rugged, open Pacific side of Vancouver Island, British Columbia in a primeval setting of river valleys, old growth forests, fjords surrounded by mountains and open beaches pounded by surf. This unique hunting area teems with a myriad of sea life and water fowl. Our guide concession covers roughly 3,000 square miles and contains over 50 grizzly-free salmon river valleys on the northwest side of Vancouver Island.

Trophy Black Bears -
Black Bear hunting on the northwest half of Vancouver Island, B.C. is unsurpassed by bear hunting anywhere in North America due to superior genetics and the densest population of Black Bears per square mile.

An abundant food supply, a temperate rain forest climate with a long growing season, no grizzly predation and superior genetics all contribute to the remarkable size of our Vancouver Island Black Bears.

The average square is between 6 1/2' to 7 1/2' with 19 " to 21" skulls, which means that most of our bears will make the SCI Record Book, as well as the Pope & Young and Mountain Hunter Record Books. SCI now recognizes our Black Bears as a separate subspecies -- Coastal Black Bears. Simply put, no other bear hunting location produces greater success rates or age of black bears harvested.

Top Hunting Guides & Fair Chase Hunts
Our hunting guides are skilled hunters and experienced outdoorsmen. Our Black Bear hunts are all spot and stalk, fair chase hunts using either rifle or bow. Our fleet of custom-designed boats and ATVs make these Black Bear hunts accessible to virtually everyone, although some walking will be required at times. These bear hunts are ideal for 2 buddies hunting together, family groups, and the mature hunter, as well as the ardent hunter who is seeking a huge Coastal Black Bear. Bear hunts may be booked on either a 1x1 or 2x1 basis. A second Coastal Black Bear may be taken for a trophy fee.

Trophy Roosevelt Elk
When it comes to trophy elk hunting Vancouver Island is the destination of choice for most elk hunters. At Vancouver Island Hunts, our Roosevelt Elk hunting trips provide hunters with the opportunity to bag one of the most sought-after big game trophies.

Roosevelt Elk are the largest bodied Elk in North America and have antlers very similar to a European Red Stag. The tremendous mass and crown points make Roosevelt Elk antlers unique from all other Elk in North America.

10 Day Elk Hunting Trips -
Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada is well known as the premier elk hunting destination for hunters seeking trophy Roosevelt Elk. Vancouver Island consistently produces Boone & Crockett bulls and is arguably the only location in the world with a pure gene pool of Roosevelt Elk.

Our elk hunts are 10 days in length. These hunts pose both a mental and a physical challenge for elk hunters because of the dense forest habitat in which the elk live. The patient and persistent hunter will have the best chance for success. We have a special bow-only section of the guide area reserved for archery hunters.

There are a limited number of trophy Roosevelt Elk permits so please call for details if you are interested in booking an elk hunting trip with Vancouver island Hunts.

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